Intelectual Outputs

IO1-Training Program Output Type: Course / curriculum – Training scheme

Output Description According to the results obtained from the scale the training program will be prepared. Training program will be the base for Key Skills Modules. In addition to defining Key Skills to be dealed in training modules, the program will present content, methodology, tools to be used and durations of each module. Depending on the results obtained by scale, Maribor University and Slovakia University will prepare the training program, benefiting from other partners feedbacks and inputs. Training program is anticipated to grow VET teachers to be able to integrate skill acqusitions to their courses in order to coach their students in the following areas: The topics that will form the content of the outputs for the proposal are as follows : 1. Occupational Health and Safety OHS in Food Production, – Hazard, risk, risk assessment for occupational health and safety -Food hazards and risks of OHS in food production processes – Health and safety signs that can be found in the working environment -Emergency and emergency plan – Work accident and occupational diseases – Environmental protection risks in production environments 2. Food Security – Food manufacturing practices and HACCP in food production processes – Staff hygiene – Determining the efficiency and quality in food production -Health problems that may affect production processes -Food safety, risk, danger, hygiene, disinfection, sterilization, sanitation, contamination concepts – Cleaning and disinfection / sterilization of food production lines, materials, tools and methods used in sanitation, space, machinery and equipment – Types of hazards arising from operations, personnel and foodstuffs in food production, formation conditions and effects – Rules for monitoring critical control points in the production process – Allergens, risks and precautions in production process

IO2-E-Learning Platform Output Type: Services / structures – E-learning platform

Output Description E-Learning platform will constitute the main tool including information on occupational health safety and food security . INNOVATION The enhanced e-book emphasizing the importance of occupational health safety and food security will be prepared as the intellectual output of the project. It will include scenario based explanations about -Simple steps to food safety ( clean separate cook chill ) -Keeping Food by types of food -Keeping Food by events and seasons -What to do in an emergency (eg. food poisoning ) -Food Safety for people at risk together with videos, including interviews with involved adults. IMPACTS Platform will identify difficulties, interests, project ideas and trainings for the interest groups Workers and other related third parties will be inspired by e platform when planning their Daily consuming activities. Practices will increase the quality of flexible adult education facilities and therefore the quality of education. Quality in VET education means increasing basic digital skills and basic literacy and numeracy skills. In addition, this project will provide equality in adult education and healthy interactions among partner countries thanks to the opportunities which e-learning platform provide us with reaching a wider audience at European and global levels. Healthy community relationships help improve global relationships. For this reason, it will contribute to adult education and contribute to the strengthening of the European Community. TRANSFERABILITY Since the e learning platform will include all partner countries’ practices, VET educators in partner countries and other European countries will have the opportunity to compare their practices in accordance with their own regulations. For this reason, the transferability is high.