4th Meeting

The 4th meeting of our National Agency supported project, Increasing the Qualifications of the Employees in the Food Industry Sector in Occupational Health, Safety and Food Safety Project was held on the online platform on 30.11.2021 due to COVID-19 outbreak.

Miroslava Kačániová from Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra participated as a host partner, Aybüke Bengü Özmutaf and Ekin Mutlu from Turkey on behalf of Öz Gıda-İş Union, Cecilia Bolognesi and Chiara Dell’Amico from Italy on behalf of IFOA, Janja Luznik and Danijel Davidovic from Slovenia on behalf of Maribor University attended the meeting.

The project aim was to exchange ideas with partners about project outputs, to talk about what has been done so far about e-learning platform, dissemination activities, and process of the project.

It was announced to the partners that two different training videos were shot regarding the project outputs. The topics of these training videos include OHS and healthy life. At the third meeting, it was discussed that animation videos about all training modules would be prepared. These videos were presented by Öz Gıda-İş at the meeting, and ideas were exchanged on what missing parts they had and what should be added or removed. For instance, all partnes agreed that the sound effects and some descriptions should be added to the animations.

Dissemination plan was presented by IFOA. About dissemination all partners discussed that what should be done to reach more people. Italian partners suggested that in events we can share small brochures of the project, and use social media platforms more efficiently. Turkish partners also suggested that outputs of the project can be included in their trade union’s official magazine.

Lastly, it was stated that process of the project is well. It was decided to hold a final online meeting on 11.01.2022 regarding the status of the project before the project closure.