3rd Meeting

The third meeting of our National Agency-supported project, Increasing the Qualifications of the Employees in the Food Industry Sector in Occupational Health, Safety, and Food Safety Project, was held on the online platform on 07.07.2021 due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Projects Unit Coordinator Aybüke Bengü Özmutaf and project experts Sinan Özenç Dalgıç and Ekin Mutlu on behalf of Öz Gıda-İş Union, Janja Luznik and Danijel Davidovic from Slovenia on behalf of Maribor University, Cecilia Bolognesi, Chiara Dell’Amico and Davide Orlandini from Italy on behalf of IFOA, Miroslava Kačániová from Slovakia on behalf of Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra attended the meeting.

The project aim was to fix details about the e-learning platform, website and disseminations activities.

About e-learning platform, partners discussed about technical aspects of the its draft, about the front-end design and the quality of the new educational materials being prepared. About the latter, all partners agreed on the creation of animated videos to highlight specific topics for each training module, in order to make the training more efficient and appealing. A Turkish food expert will be also involved for the preparation of video content.

Concerning the Project website , it will be enriched with new articles about food safety on national and international levels; in addition, video shoots will be available for all visitors, while an external link will be accessible for training learners.Last but not least, LinkedIn page about the project has been added to broaden the dissemination and reach a larger number of potential interested parties.


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