The second meeting of our National Agency-supported project, Increasing the Qualifications of the Employees in the Food Industry Sector in Occupational Health, Safety, and Food Safety Project, was held on the online platform on 20.04.2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The project aims to prepare training materials on occupational health and safety and food safety and to share them on digital platforms. The training program, the training videos based on the e-platform will be the idea outputs of the project.

Projects Unit Coordinator Aybüke Bengü Özmutaf and project experts Sinan Özenç Dalgıç and Ekin Mutlu on behalf of Öz Gıda-İş Union, Janja Luznik and Danijel Davidovic from Slovenia on behalf of Maribor University, Cecilia Bolognesi, Chiara Dell’Amico and Davide Orlandini from Italy on behalf of IFOA attended the meeting.

The main topics of the meeting were the views on the literature review, how to prepare the questionnaires for focus groups, ideas for the dissemination of the project, the up-to-dateness of the website and other studies to be carried out until the next meeting.

It has been decided to send the interim report to the coordinating organization by 1 June 2020. In addition, it was reported that the project was extended for six months due to the pandemic, and it was agreed that the date of the third meeting would be decided depending on the conditions of the future process.


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