Öz Gıda Sanayi Ve Yardımcı İşçileri Sendikası




We as Öz Gıda İş Union founded in June 1st 1976 and carry on our activities in food industry as workers’ representative. We’re leading the line of business with our 32.373 member as per statistics of January 2016. We increase our rate of syndication in food industry with successful collective labor agreements with each passing day. We as Öz Gıda İş Union set a premium for workers employed in food industry to join a trade union and to popularize syndicate awareness. We do the best we can for maximum gain for our current and future collective labor agreements with the objective of abolition of obstacles of syndication. We perform education oriented activities in order to make our syndicate activities more efficient. We as Öz Gıda İş Union aspire life time learning focused working and activity in accordance with our vision. We are a union considering syndication not only as a collective labor agreement or strikes and acting accordingly. In this respect we have proven this issue for studies and projects we have realized as intended for food industry. We have also came to a significant phase in project design with Project of Preparing Curriculum Based on Labor Force Efficiency in Food Industry and besides Project for Establishing Exam and Certification Center Based on Qualification in Food Industry which we have started to execute by February 2016. In addition to these projects our union has undertaken studies of professional standards in food industry and provides a major contribution for industry’s labor force.